Agent of Change is a network of seasoned professionals who have a broad and deep experience working with and for leading companies. If strategic marketing communications counsel, relationships and positioning with an innovative and digital aspect are key to you and your business, to integrate digital and optimize for growth, look no further.We have the ability to create tailored campaigns virally as well as traditionally, globally and locally.

We are industry experts and we know what is takes to position our clients for long-term success.

About Agent of Change

Marcy Simon

Marcy Simon has over 20 years of experience driving the development and shaping the reputation of companies from startups to multi-billion dollar organizations. Her experience ranges from advising c-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies to start-ups that have a handful of employees and incredible potential. Marcy has worked with industry insiders, global influencers, and the brightest innovators of the day. With a focus on multi-faceted strategies, she works with businesses to manage their public persona while also cultivating their business relationships.

Marcy Simon brings an unique perspective and expertise to strategic marketing and communications. Marcy has extensive experience in advertising, branding, and public relations campaigns. Her passion for and deep understanding of technology and social media has driven the development of messaging and positioning of new and established brands alike. With an extensive network of the industry and media’s most influential leaders, she is able to identify, develop and effectively build strategic business relationships, and partnerships that can help a start-up become a household name. Marcy’s background in broadcast journalism, gives her unique insight into how to craft messages to best deliver quality results, as well as manage complex global communications assignments.